When we aren’t capturing people we are taking spontaneous outdoor adventures, watching movies with some pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream or jamming out in our music room with our guitars + ukuleles! We have a hilarious and cooky cat named Buddy, he’s cool and keeps the Morrison home interesting to say the least!

We love traveling, especially to Hawaii. Or really anywhere to be honest, we are always down for a good road trip because it calls for countless hours of car jams. 

We started capturing couples shortly after we got married back in 2017 due to the love that we had for each other and just being so twitterpated. We soon realized that every couple deserves to feel comfortable to show their true emotions and love for each other in front of the lens. Every love story is so unique, we discovered a passion of meeting awesome couples and capturing their love.

we’re Tanner + Karisa!

your Washington based wedding photographers

meet the Morrison’s,

your photographers but more so, your friends

just a redhead and a brunette loving each other and lovin life

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it all started with my camera.

about us

Karisa Lynn

When starting photography back in high school I fell in love with the idea that I was able to capture a split second of life. I'm still addicted to that feeling of capturing memories for others. 

Along with being behind the lens, I'm typically the one that's also editing galleries, answering emails and posting on our social media! I wear a lot of... hats in the biz!

When not wearing hats I'm either painting, playing ukulele or working in the garden trying not to kill plants... because I do NOT have a green thumb😆 I love the color yellow, watercolor painting, anything Kate Spade and spending time with Tanner of course😉


Hello there! When I'm not working with my wife shooting weddings, I enjoy listening and playing music, watching classic movies, and just chilling out.

I'm a pretty simple guy, my go to coffee order is an iced americano with 2 raw sugars- see simple! I love Hawaii and wearing aloha shirts🤙🏻 And my favorite thing is being with Karisa